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LI Herald: Koslow wants to bridge gaps, enhance communities

Patch: Seth Koslow Seeks Seat In County Legislature

I answer all the tough questions in this Patch article

Long Islanders blast proposed Liberty Water rate hikes

Drinking water could soon cost a lot more in some Long Island communities.

Activists Demand More Rigorous Enforcement Of Red Flag Laws In Nassau County

“The fact that 1500 extreme risk protection orders were issued in Suffolk last year, and only 35 were issued in Nassau, is offense as a professional and terrifying as a father,” Seth Koslow, attorney and candidate for the fifth district of the Nassau County Legislature, told the Press.

“I’m a father of three young kids and I don’t want them or any of their friends to be the next statistic. We need to do more to protect our kids from gun violence, and one way we can do that is to ensure that people who are a danger to themselves or others do not have access to weapons.”

LI community proposes Nassau Co. hate crime unit

Seth Koslow, South Merrick parent and criminal attorney, spoke to Newsline with Brigitte Quinn about his coalition to tackle hate crimes.

South Nassau Water Authority holds first public meeting

“I don’t anticipate a very congenial meeting tonight,” Seth Koslow, who is running for county legislator, said. “I think people are going to be upset and loud.”

Koslow was right. The meeting began with John Reinhardt, the authority’s temporary president, offering an overview of the timeline for its acquisition of Liberty Water, which provides water to most of Nassau County and is proposing a rate hike of up to 42 percent in some areas.