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We can do better.
Our children deserve better.


Cost of Living

Hard-working families are leaving the Town of Hempstead because it’s unaffordable to live here. Seth will push for tax relief, eliminate wasteful spending, and fight to rein in predatory utilities.

Advocating for Our Kids

Our children deserve the world. Seth will fight to transfer existing federal funding to South Shore youth nonprofits so our kids can pursue their dreams. He will also protect and revitalize parks so our children have space to play.

Clean Governance

Corrupt politicians have made Nassau County government a laughingstock, from headline-grabbing indictments to pay-to-play scandals. As a trial attorney, Seth understands and will respect the rule of law.


Climate change is real, and it disproportionately impacts the most vulnerable community members. Seth will advocate for a carbon-neutral Nassau government to mitigate the impact of pollution on communities of color.


Our roads are pock-marked with potholes and they’re vulnerable to flooding. Seth will prioritize repairs and climate-resilient infrastructure so we can drive on the roads we’ve paid for.


These organizations believe Seth will fight to make Nassau County a safer, more inclusive place to live – and fight to have a government where politicians answer and work for the residents, not for themselves.

Meet the organizations that support Seth…

Nassau County Police
Benevolent Association

Laborers International Union of
North America - New York

Moms Demand Action

Planned Parenthood Greater New York

New York State United Teachers

Nassau County Detectives Association

Nassau Community College
Federation of Teachers

Service Employees International Union 1199

Nassau County Superior Officers Association

Meet Seth

A lifelong Long Island resident, father of three young children, and an accomplished attorney, Seth served as an Assistant District Attorney in Queens County for three years.

He currently runs his own criminal defense practice, SIK Law, where he fights for the rights of his clients.

Seth lives in South Merrick with his wife Jill, his three young children, and the family dog, Coco.

His family is deeply involved in the community: Seth is a youth baseball coach with the Merrick Mayhem and Jill runs her own local baking business.

Nassau County Legislature

What is the Nassau County Legislature?

The Nassau County Legislature, formed in 1996, is the legislative arm of the Nassau County government.

Comprised of single representatives from each of the county’s 19 districts, it is the legislature’s duty to draft and approve local laws that affect the county and its residents.